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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ocean & Moose-Day out taking pictures

Took the opportunity to get out of the house with the wife and kids the other day, a little overcast but a nice mild day, compared to what we've been having here lately. These shots were taken 3 days ago, there's still alot of pack ice in the harbours and quite a bit of snow in the mountains, hopefully spring isn't too far away and evidence of that is the second picture, a cow moose grazing in the swamp looking for new growth shoots I'm assuming, or else she was just being nosey. She caused quite a traffic jam along the side of the road, luckily I had my camera out and ready to go. I'm going to be picking up and additional zoom lens for this camera, the moose was quite some distance from the road, so even with 300mm zoom it wasn't as close as I'd like it to be in the frame of the shot. Another lens should fix that problem.

I'll have to add the photos after, having some computer issues.

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