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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Some time to tie and write

Well today my wife is at her Grandmothers with our girls, I have the place to myself and I'm in the middle of tying a Classic Thunder & Lightning. Working on the wings now. Shaping up pretty nicely so far. If things go well I'll post this one on the website.

I'm also finishing up an article on fly fishing for my first lesson for the course I'm taking from the North American School of Outdoor Writing. I'll be putting the finishing touches on that and completing the quiz and first lesson hopefully today.

I'm also dragging my butt on another tying project, I need to do 12 Speys for a Salmon Fly Swap due on Sept. 15th. I'm also doing a Classic Green Highlander for a fundraiser for the NSSA. Everything needs to be complete before the 15th and in the mail. Hopefully I'll get motivated over the next few days to finish that project up.

Well, must get back to work!!

Keep Tying!


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